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Kookh 2016 Gujarati Full Movie Free Download HD 720P 480P MP4 3GP

Kookh Gujarati movie released last Friday. Gujarati movie is directed by Nimesh Desai and stars Yogita Patel, Naresh Patel, Elsa Nilaj, Andy Von Eich, Rutu Vani and Annapurna Shukla in lead. A film by Nimesh Desai, releasing on December 30, 2016. Movie Kookh is Produced by Mosaic Films.

Kookh moive plot tells story of Rudi. She is women who battles all odds to strengthen the financial condition of her family. She does all this to safe future for her child. Plot also revolves around her struggles and the fightss for survival. This film strongly portrays the unwavering strength of a woman against all odds and the undying devotion of a mother to protect her family.

When the ordinary family acquires a magic wand in their hands, does their life become extraordinary? Plot has as its main chord “Mother” the word that encompasses the whole world. Movie also has blissful journey of selfless love and affection. Kookh unravels the human relationships and their beautiful inter personal bonding. See what happens next.

Sensative film is written by Lalit Lad and Music has been composed by Mehul Surti. Costume disigning by Devyani Kanojia and Gira Choksi. Dialogues of Kookh and screenplay by Tulasi Vakil.

Drama movie of 1 hour 50 minutes is good. There is also good pre buzz regarding Kookh movie in market. Movie is going to earn because of audience huge occupancy at theaters.

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