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Akshay Kumar Rustom Movie Powerful Trailer

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After giving promising movies to the Bollywood film industry like Special 26 in 2013, Holiday in 2014, Gabbar is back in 2015, Airlift in 2016 and now Akshay Kumar is back again with the same genre movie which gives fans a taste of patriotism with title “Rustam”, who’s concept is looking same like these earlier released movies, which make feel us proud to be an Indian.

Akshay Kumar Rustom Movie Powerful Trailer


Powerful and promising trailer of the movie Rustam was out and Akshay Kumar is yet again set to enthral audiences with his upcoming film Rustom. Akshay Kumar will be seen wearing navel uniform and plays character of commander Rustom Pavri.

Trailer of Rustom was released on Thursdat morning 30th June which opens in 1959 Mumbai which is inspired by the sensation case of Naval officer who was tried in court for killing his wife’s lover. Through the film, Akshay brings back the sensational Nanavati case in focus.

Movie carries the tagline of “3 shots that shocked the nation”. Rustom posters already creates curiosity among audience questioning whether Rustom is Patriaot or Traitor or Murderer.

After all Akshay has good fan following after above mentioned superhit films. Recently released Houseful 3 movie also makes history and broke many records. Rustom is set to hit silver screens on 12th August and makers are tring their all best to make this one also in the list of superhit movies.

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